for large theatre, installed sound and tour sound applications

The WMS4500 analog reference wireless microphone system provides highest channel quantity, maximum reliability and easy setup. Combining several frequency bands allows to operate up to 70 channels simultaneously providing an enormous headroom of security for channel management. In combination with the outstanding audio quality WMS4500 gained worldwide recognition as a reliable workhorse in huge installations and on tour.

An optional network remote control allows frequency coordination and monitoring of multi-channel systems via PC software System Architect™, Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod® or via Soundcraft Vi consoles. For easy configuration of customized systems, all system components are available individually.

·       Auto Setup, Environment Scan, and Rehearsal functions
for quick and easy setup

·       HiQnet network remote control and monitoring
from PC via Harman System Architect
™ software, Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod® or Soundcraft Vi consoles

·       Up to 70 simultaneous channels
for safe channel management in huge productions

·       Supreme audio quality
for highly demanding vocals, guitar and e-bass

·       Pilot Tone transmission
for transmitter battery status monitoring and tone code squelch