In-Ear Monitoring

In-Ear Monitoring


for live applications and professional installations

IVM4500 IEM is the only wireless in-ear monitoring system featuring an binaural room simulations that provides musicians, vocalists and presenters with a uniquely natural listening experience. 

Its high-end radio electronic radio circuitry includes a manual radio signal attenuator for more robust radio reception in crowded environments. An enhanced frequency setup shows the number of free channels. Integrated preset groups support TV channels and allows the operation of up to 14 channels simultaneously within the same frequency band. A quick frequency swap function supports monitor engineers to listen to the audio signals of different channels.

An optional network remote control allows frequency coordination and monitoring of multi-channel systems via PC software System Architect, Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod® or via Soundcraft Vi consoles.

·       Diversity receiver
two matched antennas ensures reliable transmission

·       Sophisticated, narrow RF filter design
for best radio signal performance

·       HiQnet network remote control and monitoring
from PC via Harman software System Architect
™, Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod® or Soundcraft Vi consoles

·       Patented DSP filter technology
for reference sound quality

·       Quick frequency swap function
to support monitor engineers