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Martin ShowDesigner 6 is the best real-time 3D visualizer on the market. Its newly designed 3D engine provides photorealistic rendering in real-time using the latest DirectX technology. 

On MSD 6’s user-friendly timeline control you can create complex presentations including lighting, video, animated scenery, camera motion and animated smoke effects.

The user interface has been completely redesigned with a modern look, offering you a rapid workflow to quickly drag and drop fixtures, objects and textures as well as instant access to any object’s properties. 

MSD 6™ is Vectorworks-friendly and through a Windows-based plug-in, Vectorworks files can be exported and imported into MSD 6. 

The intelligent system learns from previous conversions to choose the right MSD fixture type to replace Vectorworks fixtures. 
MSD 6 also comes with its own 3D modeling app to quickly build objects and materials or import DXF, DWG and native SketchUp formats along with all textures and UV maps. 

MSD 6 is available in two versions: MSD 6 Pro™ and MSD 6 Lite™. 

Whilst the Pro version has every possible feature to pre-visualize lighting and video in 3D, integrate moving scenery, create video animation and paper presentation, the MSD 6 Lite version offers essential features to do 3D pre-visualization. 

Working closely with an array of lighting professionals from both the entertainment and architectural worlds, Martin has condensed the key elements in the MSD software into MSD 6 Lite, while the more advanced features such as static rendering, video rendering, dynamic objects and paperwork module are found in the Pro version. 

MSD 6 Lite will appeal to users who simply need to program or visualize shows dynamically. 

By separating MSD 6 into two different packages, Martin gives you a choice that will let you select exactly what you need.

If your needs change, you can upgrade your version via the online store at 

·       Real-time 3D visualization of the scene from multiple viewports simultaneously

·       3D Virtual Reality video rendering

·       Import of 2D and 3D AutoCAD DXF, DWG, SketchUp and Vectorworks for PC to MSD exported files


·       Real-time 3D visualization of the scene from multiple viewports simultaneously

·       Fixture beams show true-life light distribution

·       Import of 2D and 3D AutoCAD DXF, SketchUp and Vectorworks for PC to MSD exported files

·       Fixture library covers most manufacturers and fixtures


Control and Programming

Control of all fixture parameters

Programming and storage of cues

Fixture libraries (complete range of Martin™ and other fixture definitions included)

User-customizable object libraries

Drag-and-drop objects, fixtures and textures directly in the scene

Fixtures automatically patched to free DMX address

Paperwork utility prints plot and equipment list

Solid rendering of scenes

Pan/tilt of beams, indexed/rotating gobos, iris effects, color wheels, CMY mixing, shutter/dimmer/strobe, zoom, color

scrolling, framing

Features below available in Pro version only

Live video input for screen, static and moving video projector simulation

Cuelist for direct playback

DMX viewer monitors inbound and outbound data

Photo-realistic rendering

Light meter tool calculates light level on surface

Dynamic objects controlled by DMX include motor, track, elevator and multi-hoist platform

Minimum System


Windows 7 or 8 (32-bit)

Intel Core i5


500 MB available hard disk space

Graphics card 1024x768, HW support for DirectX 9 incl.HW support for Transform &

Lighting (T&L), vertex & pixel shaders v.2

USB port for Martin One-Key™ software protection dongle

USB port if using Martin USB Duo™ DMX Interface

Network connection required for communication with other controller or Ethernet box

via LAN (Art-Net [M-Series], Compulite, Avolites, MA, HOG)

Full administrator rights on PC


Windows 7 or 8 (64-bit)

Quad core processor


1 GB available hard disk space

Graphics card min. 1024x768, hardware accelerated, 2048 MB VRAM, DirectX 11 support (ATI and NVIDIA recommended)


Connects to any controller that has DMX output (Martin USB DUO™ DMX Interface required) or Art-Net output

Connects to other controller or Ethernet box via LAN (Martin M-Series™ via Artnet,

Compulite, Avolites, MA, HOG)

Connects to various applications using internal driver (Martin M-PC™, Martin


Fast Net Render (MSD Pro™ only) allows networked rendering across multiple

Windows-based PCs

Ordering Information

Can be ordered from Martin™

Martin ShowDesigner 6 Pro™, 5-year license only: P/N 39808040

Martin ShowDesigner 6 Pro Lite™, 5-year license only:P/N 39808041

Also available from

Martin ShowDesigner 6 Pro™ for Students

One-year license plan



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