High-Quality Protective Cover for BUGERA V22HD INFINIUM


High-Quality Protective Cover for BUGERA V22HD INFINIUM


·      Super-tough, black nylon protective cover custom-fit for BUGERA V22HD INFINIUM

·      Protects your amplifier from harmful dust and moisture

·      Custom-sized opening for handle allows convenient transportation


Your guitar amp is one of your mostprized possessions – so protect it with a custom-fit BUGERA amplifier cover. Made of super-tough black nylon, the V22HD-PC is a “must-have” accessory for your V22HD INFINIUM.

Protection Against the Elements

The rugged V22HD-PC helps keep you amp free from dirt and moisture during transit to and from the gig or studio, and protects it from dust when the amp is not in use. And if the gig or session runs for more than one night, putting the cover back on will keep unauthorized fingers from changing your settings.

Made to Travel

Because the V22HD-PC is designed to fit perfectly and protect your amp, a custom-sized opening is provided for convenient carry handle access.


The super-tough, black nylon 112TS-PC fits your BUGERA 112TS INFINIUM like a glove, and protects your investment in tone from the dirt, dust and rain – and is an amazingly-affordable way to keep your gear looking great for years.

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