Linear Spatial Reference Bi-amplified Studio Monitor

Linear Spatial Reference Bi-amplified Studio Monitor

The LSR6328P is the choice for stereo and multi-channel music and post audio applications where accuracy and high SPL are required. THX® pm3 Approved. METAlliance® Certified.


·       Advanced Linear Spatial Reference design ensures flatter-off-axis response for greater clarity at the mix position.

·       RMC™ Room Mode Correction provides electronic control of room modes. User measurement and calibration kit available.

·       Differential Drive® technology with dynamic braking for extended low frequency response and minimal power compression.

·       Integrated bi-amplification with factory calibrated sensitivities.

·       Titanium composite high frequency transducer with Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal waveguide for precise pattern control.

·       Magnetically shielded high frequency transducer minimizes interference when used in close proximity to video monitors.

·       High-density baffle for low enclosure resonance.

·       Linear Dynamics Aperture port design eliminates port turbulence and reduces port compression.

·       Reinforced enclosure and convenient mounting points for mounted installation.

·       Integral handles facilitate ease of positioning.


Frequency Response

50 Hz - 20 kHz (+1, -1.5 dB)

Enclosure Resonance Frequency

38 Hz

Low Frequency 

User controls 
set to default

-3 dB

46 Hz

10 dB

36 Hz

Low-High Frequency Crossover

1.7 kHz 6th-order acoustic Linkwitz-Riley

Distortion, 96 dB SPL, 1m


Mid-High Frequency (120 Hz - 20 kHz)


2nd Harmonic


3rd Harmonic


Maximum SPL (80 Hz - 20 kHz)

>108 dB SPL / 1m

Maximum Peak SPL (80 Hz - 20 kHz)

>111 dB SPL / 1m

Signal Input

Neutrik “Combi” XLR-1⁄4-in tip-ring-sleeve balanced or unbalanced positive voltage applied to XLR pin 2 (1⁄4" tip) produces outward woofer motion

Calibrated Input Sensitivity, XLR & 1⁄4"


+4 dBu / +8 dBu

96 dB SPL / 1 m

-10 dBV

96 dB SPL / 1 m

AC Input Voltage

100 / 240 VAC

AC Input Connector


Long-Term Maximum System Power

220 W (IEC265-5)

Self-Generated Noise Level

<+10 dBA / 1 m Tonal-artifact-free 

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