MARTINMAC Quantum Wash

MAC Quantum Wash


The MAC Quantum Wash features tight beams, beautiful wash fields, a market-leading color palette, and uniform mixing that combines to accommodate the most demanding applications, offering brightness and perfection. Combining an impressive 750 watt of RGBW LED power with Martin’s market leading optical system ensures that the 1:5 zoom on the MAC Quantum Wash operates with maximum output and superior performance.


·       Bright and perfect RGBW LED wash light for demanding applications

·       Quick 1:5 zoom for tight beams and even washes

·       Unique and expressive Colorganics™ system

·       Highly efficient optical system

·       Eye-candy Aura Effect™

·       Beamtwister effects via rotating front lens

·       Very low weight and compact design

·       Super high-speed movements and effects



Length: 452 mm (17.8 in.)

Width (across yoke): 431 mm (17 in.)

Height (maximum): 581 mm (22.9 in.)

Height (head straight up): 511 mm (20.1 in.)

Weight: 21 kg (46.3 lbs.)

Dynamic Effects

Color mixing: RGBW

Beam effects: Beam twister, light and color morphing, color spin

'Color wheel' effect: 36 solid colors plus white, variable-speed 'color wheel rotation' effect and random color

Color ring effects: 36 split ring colors with variable-speed color wheel rotation effects

Shutter effect: Electronic, with variable speed regular and random strobe

Pre-programmed effects: Range of synchronized and independent color, intensity, beam twister and zone effects

Electronic dimming: Four dimming curve options

Color temperature control: Variable 2000 - 10 000 K

Zoom: Motorized

Pan: 540°

Tilt: 270°

Control and Programming

Control system: DMX

Control options: Independent control of color ring/beam zones

Macro programs selectable via DMX: Range of synchronized and independent color, intensity, beam twister and zone effects

RDM: Implemented

Control resolution: 8-bit, with 16-bit control of pan, tilt, dimming and lens rotation

DMX channels: 33/17

Setting and addressing: Control panel with backlit graphic display

DMX compliance: USITT DMX512-A

RDM compliance: ANSI/ESTA E1.20

Transceiver: RS-485

Fixture software update: USB memory device or USB/DMX hardware interface over DMX link


Light source: 50 x 15 W RGBW LEDs

LED refresh rate: Beam 3000 Hz, Aura 3000 Hz

Minimum LED lifetime: 50 000 hours (to >70% luminous output)*

Zoom range: 11–53° (1:5)

Output: 16 000 lm

*Figure obtained under manufacturer´s test conditions:


Color: Black

Housing: High-impact flame-retardant thermoplastic

Protection rating: IP20


Mounting points: 2 pairs of 1/4-turn locks

Location: Indoor use only, must be fastened to surface or structure

Orientation: Any

Minimum distance to combustible materials: 0.2 m

Minimum distance to illuminated surfaces: 2.0 m


AC power input: Neutrik PowerCon

DMX and RDM data in/out: 5-pin locking XLR


AC power: 120-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz

Maximum total power consumption: 1020 W

Power supply unit: Auto-ranging electronic switch mode

Typical half-cycle RMS inrush current: 10.3 A

Typical power consumption, all effects static, zero light output: Approx. 50 W

Typical Power and Current

120 V, 60 Hz: 7.4 A, 880 W, PF 0.999

208 V, 60 Hz: 4.2 A, 860 W, PF 0.995

230 V, 50 Hz: 3.8 A, 856 W, PF 0.993

240 V, 50 Hz: 3.7 A, 858 W, PF 0.992

Measurements made at nominal voltage with all LEDs at full intensity. Allow for a deviation of +/- 15%.:


Cooling: Forced air (temperature-regulated, low noise, user-definable levels)

Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 40° C

Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): 5° C

Max. total heat dissipation (calculated, +/- 15%): 3480 BTU/hr.


EU safety: EN 60598-2-17 (EN 60598-1), EN 62471

EU EMC: EN 55015, EN 55032, EN 55103-2, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 61547

US safety: UL 1573

US EMC: FCC Part 15 Class A

Canadian safety: CSA C22.2 No. E598-2-17 (CSA E60598-1)

Canadian EMC: ICES-003 Class A

Australia/NZ: C-TICK N4241

Included Items

Two omega brackets for rigging clamp attachment: P/N 91602001


3 m power cable, 12 AWG, SJT, with PowerCon NAC3FCA power input connector: P/N 11541503

Neutrik PowerCon NAC3FCA power input connector, cable mount, blue: P/N 05342804

Soft Lens for MAC Quantum Wash™: P/N 91611600

Half-coupler clamp: P/N 91602005

G-clamp: P/N 91602003

Quick trigger clamp: P/N 91602007

Safety cable, safe working load 50 kg: P/N 91604003

Flightcase for 2 x MAC Quantum™: P/N 91510210

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Ordering Information

MAC Quantum Wash™ in cardboard box: P/N 90240020

MAC Quantum Wash™ in 2-unit flightcase: P/N 90240030