CSX IRS10 Series

CSX IRS10 Series


conferencing, tour guide, assistive listening

The CSX IRS10 is an infrared language distribution system. The next generation of AKG Infrared System is based on a 10 channel PPM (Pulse Phase Modulation) technology, ensuring absolute security! All transmitted signals stay in the room.The system is easily expandable to literally any room size. PPM also always uses the whole LED panel, regardless of whether one is using 1 or 10 channels, which leads to the same radiation power even if one is changing the number of needed channels.

The heart of the system is the CSX BIR10. It takes either the channels of AKG CS5 system or any other 10 channels fed to it and modulates them on the infrared carrier. 2 new radiators transmit the IR light into the room. The two radiators (CSX IRT3 and CSX IRT4) differ in terms of radiation angle. AKG now offers a kind of flood light for lower ceilings and a kind of spot light to cast the IR signal to a larger distance. That is the ideal solution for any kind of room situation.

The receivers offer 2 jog dial selectors to select the requested channel and to adjust the output level to the headphones. Both functions as well as battery status are shown on the OLED display. A standard 3.5 stereo jack plug enables the use of any kind of headphones. To charge the 2700mAh NiMh rechargeable batteries (up to 20 hours operation time) a charging/storage case for 50 units is available.

·       Digital Transmission with PPM technology
effective audio and radiation quality control - easy to install

·       For CS5 or as standalone system
works with all kind of analogue inputs

·       Breakout box for CS5
feeds signal out of the digital conference ring to external devices

·       Unlimited expansion of radiators
for any room size

·       Low energy technology for receivers
up to 20 hours operational time with only 2x AA standard rechargeable batteries