CS3 Series


for mobile and fix installed conferences

The CS3 System is a modular and flexible conference system for small and medium size applications. Its reliable components can be easily set up, wired and expanded. One CS3 base unit can support 60 microphones. The base unit connects to all relevant devices like PA, recording, external audio sources and camera control systems. Different operating modes enable automatic or controlled conferences, even without PC remote.

The CS3 microphone station comes with a robust interface connector, which makes it easy to interchange the stations microphone. The detachable microphone comes in two choices - the CS321 cardioid condenser capsule on a 30cm (12in) long gooseneck and the 50cm (20in) long CS521.

The CS3 combines easiness in setup and use with professional AKG audio quality. The rugged and elegant design fits in any venue.

·       All in one conference controller
for discussion systems of up to 60 stations

·       Stand alone or computer controlled operation
ensures easy and user-friendly handling

·       Four selectable operating modes
for flexible conference management

·       Interchangeable microphones
maximum flexibility for any type of conference situation

·       Plug 'n' Play
set includes all components for a quick set-up