CS5 Series


for fixed and mobile conference applications

The CS5 is a highly flexible, hardwired, digital conference system for fixed and mobile conference applications. With less than 10 different components, the CS5 can be configured to work as a small and mobile discussion system, or as a large permanently installed conference system where voting, delegate management, simultaneous translation and language distribution functions are needed.

The CS5 is compatible with GN30 (50) CS of the DAM Modular microphone series.

As PC operation software for CS5 the CC V2 (ConferControl) is available as free download.

·       Fully expandable digital conferencing system
for large systems with up to 5000 stations and 63 possible languages

·       Closed loop Ethernet cabling
that saves installation time and keeps costs low

·       Stand alone or computer controlled operation
ensures easy and user-friendly handling

·       Closed-circuit bus and distributed power supplies
for saving cable, installation time and design expense

·       Interchangeable microphones
for maximum flexibility in any type of conference situation