EZ Acoustics is a young and dynamic start-up based in Barcelona (Spain) specializing in the development, promotion and marketing of packaging solutions and sound insulation, particularly in this first phase of our initiative we have chosen to offer a product line based on polyurethane and mineral fibers.

    Following the principles of our philosophy, we designed our own product line in mind the users. To do this, we not only rely on market research, but we offer everyone who wants the ability to collaborate actively in the development of custom acoustical solutions.

    We believe in sustainable development, so we work with procedures aimed at energy saving, and Industrial try to use biodegradable materials and low environmental impact, all under supervision of the competent authorities and subject to strict international standards of quality management.

    It is not our mission advertise us as a "green company" but it is our commitment to innovate for the future, and our sustainable development policies are the result of our efforts to meet that commitment.


    As we all know, one of the notable features of the human being is its incredible potential for innovation. Relatively recently the evolution of technology and science in general follow a pace considered by many to be fast, which is accelerating every day. We try to do our bit to make a better world by bringing technology to the service user (and not vice versa), but at the same time try to look back and try to innovate without compromising the future of our planet

    It is not of interest to us promote us as a "green company" simply assume our responsibility as far as possible, and we choose partners that are committed in the same way for sustainable development.


    EZ Acoustics born as private entrepreneurship in early 2010. Since then, the team of people behind the project has been growing gradually, keeping the original spirit of dynamism. It is worth mentioning that the project at its inception and during its infancy aroused great interest in the residential sector, and we heartily thank the collaboration of many people who so selflessly supported and helped us get where we are here and now.

    Commercial Activity

    One of the maxims which prevail in the business concept of EZ Acoustics is consolidated around the phrase "the only limit is the imagination." Therefore, we try to reach all market niches in many different ways. Due to the segmentation in the market of acoustics, we are compelled to work following a very different business lines together to make our products accessible to all.