Classic 4 x 12", 200-Watt Half-Stack Guitar Cabinet with Original TURBOSOUND Speakers


Classic 4 x 12", 200-Watt Half-Stack Guitar Cabinet with Original TURBOSOUND Speakers


·      High-sensitivity 200 Watts of explosive power, this vintage tuned cabinet is the perfect complement to all BUGERA tube heads

·      World-famous, British engineered 12'' TURBOSOUND speakers

·      Switchable 200-Watt, 16-Ohm mono or 2 x 100-Watt, 8-Ohm stereo mode operation

·      Recessed carrying handles and rollers for easy transportation

·      Ultra low-resonance and low-vibration cabinet

·      Reinforced corners and protective vinyl covering

·      Designed and engineered in Germany


The 412TS is the perfect half-stack speaker cabinet for our all-tube amp heads, but also matches virtually any other amp head on the market. We proudly load this slant-front 200-Watt cabinet with 4 custom-engineered 12" speakers from the iconic British loudspeaker maker – TURBOSOUND.

TURBOSOUND - The Sound Difference

A world-leading British designer and manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems, TURBOSOUND has been building cutting-edge speakers for more than 30 years, and won the venerable Queen’s Award for Innovation numerous times for their highly acclaimed loudspeaker designs. You will find TURBOSOUND’s distinguished products not only touring with the best-known international artists, but also in countless major venues worldwide.

BUGERA is proud to incorporate world-famous, custom-engineered TURBOSOUND speakers into their products for the ultimate in high-quality audio reproduction. The 412TS features 4 truly-inspired 12" TURBOSOUND speakers with an impressive 200 Watts of power handling, enough to meet all your amplification needs. Find out more about TURBOSOUND’s amazing legacy by visiting their extensive website.

Mono or Stereo?

The answer is both; you can operate the 412TS in either 200-Watt, 16-Ohm mono or 2 x 100-Watt, 8-Ohm stereo. Powerful and versatile, the 412TS offers dual 1⁄4" TS connectors with a Stereo/Mono switch, allowing you to configure it for massively powerful mono operation at 16 Ohms, or for incredibly articulate stereo operation with two separate 8 Ohm loads.The sealed-enclosure design of the 412TS provides superb low-resonance and low-vibration performance, delivering throaty lows and crisp, clear highs all the way to the back row with pristine clarity. And because tone is all that ultimately matters, the original TURBOSOUND 12" speakers are mounted on an extremely-durable, low-resonance soundboard – to both support and honor your tone like nothing else can.

Built to Last

The perfect companion to any tube or solid-state amp head, or a powerful addition to your existing combo or single cab setup, the 412TS is a truly amazing speaker cabinet that looks as great as it sounds. Conceived and designed by BUGERA Germany, this powerful, 200-Watt, 4 x 12" stereo guitar cabinet is a world-class contender in every sense of the word. The incredible 412TS – discover the tone you’ve been missing!

Check out the 412TS at your authorized BUGERA dealer, or place your order online today.


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