DAM Series


for use in houses of worship, conference rooms and theatres

The DAM (Discreet Acoustics Modular) Series is a range of high-performance installed microphones which have proven its worth for many years worldwide. It brilliantly fulfills the three key requirements that are essential for sound system applications: modularity, reliability and a low profile. The DAM Series offers a choice of five capsule modules with different polar patterns and frequency responses. A wide range of goosenecks and special-purpose installation modules make this microphone series extremely versatile and easy to use.

The excellent response and extremely good intelligibility make the DAM Series the first choice whenever quality and reliability have top priority.

·       Extremely rugged gooseneck construction
for an extra-long life of reliability and stability

·       Integrated LED ring indicator
for full control of the system status

·       Switchable bass roll off
for reduction of body noise and proximity effect

·       Highly reliable contacts for capsule modules
prevent contact problems and ensure extra-long life

·       Broad assortment of mounting accessories available
for quick and hassle-free installation