The JEM™ ZR35 is a mid-sized fog machine designed to deliver superior and uninterrupted performance in demanding professional applications. Via its powerful 1,500 W heat exchanger, the JEM ZR35 produces a fantastic peak output ideal for mid to large-sized venues and stages in both install and rental markets.

The rugged yet weight optimized JEM ZR35 also features variable output control for more subtle effects and is fully up-to-date with digital remote, DMX and RDM.

The entire JEM ZR range is compatible with a wide range of JEM Pro fog fluids. As machines designed and built to last, the JEM ZRs will continue to perform with great output and low consumption.


·       1,500 W heat exchanger

·       50 ml in 30 seconds peak performance

·       800 m3/min fog output

·       Variable output control for subtle effects

·       8-9 minute warm-up time

·       Digital remote, DMX and RDM

·       Compatible with a wide range of JEM Pro fog fluids

·       Floor standing or truss mounting (bracket included)

·       PowerCON TRUE1

·       4-liter bottle (Also compatible with a 5-liter bottle)



Length: 590 mm (23.3 in.)

Width: 395 mm (15.6 in.)

Height: 264 mm (10.4 in.)

Height including hanging bracket: 333 mm (13.9 in.)

Dry weight: 15.1 kg (33.3 lbs.)

Filled weight: 19.1 kg (42.1 lbs.)


Coverage volume: 800 m3 (28,252 ft3) per minute

Fluid consumption (max.): 140 ml per minute

Continuous effect output

Ready time: 9 minutes

Control and Programming

Control options: Integrated digital remote control, DMX, optional analog remote

control, master/slave link mode

Control parameters: Continuous or timer-controlled output

Fog: Variable output control, 0-100%

DMX channels: 1

DMX compliance: ANSI E1.11 - USITT DMX512-A

RDM compliance: ANSI/ESTA E1.20 RDM


Housing: Steel and aluminum

Hanging bracket: Integrated yoke with safety attachment point

Color: Black

Heat exchanger: 1500 W, thermally protected

Fluid pump: Oscillating piston, high pressure

Fluid management: Fluid out sensing, sealed for transportation

Fluid reservoir: 4 or 5 l drop-in reservoir with quick-connect fitting

External fluid control: Fluid sensing

Remote control: Integrated Digital Remote with 3 m cable, 3-pin XLR


Mounting: Standing or hanging

Orientation: Up to +/- 40° from horizontal

Clearance around machine: 100 mm (4 in.)


AC Power: Neutrik powerCON TRUE1

DMX and link mode in/out: 5-pin locking XLR

Remote control: 3-pin locking XLR

Firmware: AVR socket



EU model:

AC power: 220-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz

Main fuse: 10 AT (slow blow), 250 V

Typical power consumption: 1500 W, 6.8 A*

US Model:

AC power: 100-130 V nominal, 50/60 Hz

Main fuse: 15 AT (slow blow), 125 V

Typical power consumption: 1450 W, 12.1 A*

*Measurements made at nominal voltage. Allow for a deviation of +/- 10%.:


Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 40° C (104° F)

Exterior surface temperature, steady state: 30° C (86° F)

Max. nozzle temperature: 290° C (554° F)


EU safety: EN 60 335-1+A15, EN62233

EU EMC: EN 61000-6-3

EU immunity: EN 61000-6-1

US safety: UL 998

Canadian safety: CSA C.22.2 No. 104.01

Australia/NZ: C-Tick N4241

Included Items

Fluid reservoir, 4 l: P/N 34300523

JEM™ ZR Series Digital Remote Control: P/N 55765048

Power input cable, EU, PowerCON TRUE 1, stripped ends, 3 m (9.8 ft.): P/N 11501043

Power input cable, US, 15A, PowerCON TRUE1, molded NEMA 5-15P, 3 m (9.8 ft.): P/N 11501045


Analog Remote Control: P/N 92765044

Ducting system, 5 m (16.4 ft.), JEM™ ZR35: P/N 92625013

Power relay cables:

Power relay cable, 16 A, 14 AWG, SJT, 1.5 mm2, H05VV-F, UL, VDE, PowerCON TRUE1 in/out connectors, 0.7 m (2.3 ft.):

P/N 11541514

Power relay cable, 16 A, 14 AWG, SJT, 1.5 mm2, H05VV-F, UL, VDE, PowerCON TRUE1 in/out connectors, 1.5 m (4.9 ft.):

P/N 11541512

Power relay cable, 16 A, 14 AWG, SJT, 1.5 mm2, H05VV-F, UL, VDE, PowerCON TRUE1 in/out connectors, 3.25 m (10.7

ft.): P/N 11541511

Power connectors:

Cable connector, PowerCON TRUE1 NAC3FX-W, 16 A, female: P/N 05323416

Cable connector, PowerCON TRUE1 NAC3MX-W, 16 A, male: P/N 05343418

Compatible fluids:

JEM™ Pro Smoke Studio: Available in 5 and 220 l containers

JEM™ Pro Smoke Super: Available in 5, 9.5, 25 and 220 l containers

JEM™ Pro Smoke High Density: Available in 5, 9.5 and 220 l containers

JEM™ I-Fog Fluid: Available in 5, 9.5, and 220 l containers

JEM™ Regular DJ Fluid: Available in 5, 9.5 and 220 l containers

JEM™ Pro Clean Supreme: Available in 2.5 l containers

*Various sizes available - contact your dealer or see 'Fluids' product pages for details:

Installation hardware

G-clamp: P/N 91602003

Half-coupler clamp: P/N 91602005

Quick trigger clamp: P/N 91602007

Safety cable, safe working load 50 kg (110.3 lbs.): P/N 91604003

Service tools

Epsilon 5 AVR Programmer: P/N 50502004

Temperature Calibration Box: P/N 92620005

Ordering Information

JEM™ ZR35, EU: P/N 92215340

JEM™ ZR35, US: P/N 92215350