Martin M-DMX


The Martin M-DMX Interface features two 5-pin XLR female connectors, providing two DMX 512 universes via USB from any Windows-based PC. It communicates with Martin M-PC, all Martin M-Series consoles, Martin LightJockey™ (with Martin One-Key™) and Martin ShowDesigner 6™. When used together with M-PC, M-DMX allows bidirectional RDM communication, letting you change settings or addresses and access sensor data remotely on RDM compatible fixtures. As a bonus, M-DMX unlocks 2 universes for the M-PC Free Edition up to 4 universes can be unlocked with no Martin One-Key™ dongle required, making the M-DMX a fully-featured lighting control system.

·       Plug–and-play solution that comes complete with USB cable and installation notes

·       Convenient, space-saving stackable design

·       2 DMX universes - configurable for in/out, DMX 512-A (RDM-compatible) and upload of fixture software files (MU3)


·       Plug–and-play solution: comes complete with USB cable

·       and installation notes

·       2 DMX universes - configurable for in/out

·       DMX 512-A (RDM-compatible)

·       Upload of fixture software files (MU3)



Length: 92 mm (3.7 in)

Width: 82 mm (3.3 in)

Height: 41 mm (1.7 in)

Weight: 245 g (0.6 lbs.)

Control/User Interface

Capacity: Up to two DMX universes

Configuration and management: Application (e.g. LightJockey™, M-PC™)

Device status: 3 x multicolor status LEDs


Housing: Aluminum

IP Rating: IP20

Non-domestic use in dry location only


DMX data: 2 x 5-pin locking XLR, both configurable for DMX in/out

PC/controller: USB 2.0

K-Lock security slot


Power: 5 VDC over USB

Maximum current: 300 mA


Ambient temperature: 0° – 50° C (32° – 122° F)

Included Items

USB cable, 1.5 m (4.9 ft.)

Martin One-Key™ dongle (included with P/N 90737060 only)


M-Series Submaster Module: P/N 90732170

M-Series Playback II Module: P/N 90732190

Martin™ M-Touch: P/N 90737040

Martin™ M-Play: P/N 90737030

Martin™ M-Sync SMPTE USB: P/N 90703020

Martin One-Key with M-PC Pro-64 /LJ-4 License: P/N 70758460

Martin M-PC Pro-64 / LJ-4 License: P/N 39808015

M-PC Ultimate Expansion: P/N 39808046

Ordering Information

Martin™ M-PC 2U including Martin™ M-DMX: P/N 90737070

Martin™ M-PC Pro-64 / LJ-4 Controller Kit including Martin™ M-DMX: P/N 90737060