Ether2DMX8 is a highly capable DMX router and much more! As a DMX router, it translates Artnet protocol into DMX in/out universes but can also be used as a DMX merger, DMX splitter hub, fail safe device, cue playback, and DMX viewer monitor. As an extension for the M-Series console it provides 8 DMX ports. When connected to a standalone PC, the Ether2DMX8 also becomes the license key for M-PC and provides 64 DMX Universes.

·       Artnet to DMX – DMX to Artnet conversion

·       10 Factory and users Presets

·       99 Cues with Fade Time, Hold Time and Cue Linking


·       Artnet to DMX conversion

·       DMX to Artnet conversion

·       10 Factory Presets

·       10 User Presets

·       99 Cues with Fade Time, Hold Time and Cue Linking

·       8 Switch Inputs

·       8 XLR female 5pins

·       DMX Monitor

·       DMX and Artnet Test Generator

·       Multiple Artnet IP in for backup system

·       USB port for backup and firmware updates

·       M1 Extension with 8x DMX512

·       M-PC V3 License with 8x DMX512



Length: 288 mm (11.4 in.)

Width: 482.2 mm (19.0 in.), 19-inch rackmount

Height: 43.6 mm (1.8 in.), 1U

Weight: 3.6 kg (8.0 lbs.)

Control/User Interface

Front panel display with 4-button control menu

1 x dual-color LED per port

Mouse & keyboard input

Remote web access

DMX viewer for any physical incoming or outgoing DMX port


520 MHz processor for fast, synchronized DMX output, latency virtually zero


Artnet-compliant, Artnet II-compliant


Built-in webpage for quick access and remote setup

10/100 Mbit connection

8 ports:

Configurable as input or output

Opto-isolated circuit for each port

User-definable DMX timings for each port

Each port set as output can be set to constantly repeat the last received DMX frame, or only to output new frames


Dual-color LED for each port

8 open-contact inputs:

Inputs transmit ArtNet-compatible contact closures on the network

Contact closures can trigger factory and user presets and start cue playback


10 user presets for device configuration

Maxxyz, Maxedia use preset with auto-IP address setting

Presets for DMX Hub and Spitter functionality

Mergeable setup where multiple inputs are routed in LTP, HTP to one output

Ports assignable to input or output

Ports routable to/from internal ports or to/from any DMX universe on Artnet

Port routing triggerable by contact closure through the use of user presets

Ports' DMX channel ranges configurable

Merger modules routable between inputs & outputs and/or Artnet universes

Channel ranges can be put in LTP/HTP, copy or fixed value from other channels

Auto or manual IP addressing

Tracking backup function: automatic handover to another Artnet signal if one Artnet signal fails

DMX and Artnet test pattern generator

Artnet broadcast and unicast compatible

Configuration files loadable/storable on USB memory sticks

Firmware upload via USB memory stick


Housing: Steel and aluminum

Finish: Electrostatic powder-coated


19-inch rackmount (1U)


10/100 base-T ethernet port: Neutrik locking RJ45 Ethercon socket

DMX in/out ports: 8 x 5-pin female XLR

Keyboard: USB or PS2

Mouse: USB or PS2

Backup, software upload: USB

Monitor: VGA 15-pin

AC power input: 3-pin IEC male socket

AC power throughput: 3-pin IEC female socket


AC power: Auto-ranging 100 - 240 VAC nominal, 50/60 Hz

Main fuse: 2 x 500 mA T (slow-blow)

Typical Power and Current

100 V, 60 Hz: 220 mA

Measurements made at nominal voltage. Allow for a deviation of +/- 10%.:

Ordering Information

Ether2DMX8: P/N 90758130