Full-Range Loudspeaker for Paging and Background Music Applications



 JBL Commercial® CSS-8006BM ceiling speaker provides excellent performance for paging and background music applications. High sensitivity provides maximum sound level, even at low tap settings. 

The CSS-8006BM speaker is a 165 mm (6.5″) speaker with high 94 dB sensitivity, great bass extension in open-back configuration, and a 6W (100V) multi-tap transformer. 

The speaker’s pre-attached dual-voltage transformer provides versatility by allowing use on 100V or 70V distributed loudspeaker lines. 

The drivers features a full 14 mm (0.55″) diameter voice coil with a better power dissipation and long-term reliability. For installation convenience, the speaker grille and transformer are pre-attached to the driver. Grilles are powder-coated steel. Matching CSS-BB6BM backcan is made of dark gray powder-coated steel. The backcan can be installed to the speaker and wired prior to installation of the speaker.


·       Affordably priced, high-quality dual-cone ceiling speaker

·       Pre-assembled speaker / transformer grille assembly

·       Suitable for most paging or background music applications, including retail stores, restaurants, schools and other facilities

·       Very high sensitivity providing maximum sound levels using minimal amplifier power

·       Multi-tap transformer for 100V and 70V distributed speaker lines

·       Easy blind-mount installation from below the ceiling with spring clamp

·       Optional CSS-BB6BM backcan for inhibiting fire, preventing dust, and limiting sound from the back of the speaker




Frequency Range (-10 dB)1:

70 Hz-20 kHz

Power Capacity2:

6 W (100 hrs)


94 dB (1 W[2.83 V]), 1 m, 300 Hz~16 KHz, driver)

Coverage (2 kHz)3:


Nominal Driver Impedance:

8 ohms

Transformer Insertion Loss: 

1.5 dB Maximum

Transformer Taps:

100V: 6W, 3W, 1.5W 

70V: 3W, 1.5W, 0.8W

Physical :


Cutout Size:

175 mm (6.89 in)

Outside Dimensions (H x Dia):

66 mm x 200 mm (2.6 in x 7.87 in)

Net Weight (each):

0.63 kg( 1.4 lb)

Shipping Weight (each):

0.85 kg (1.88 lb) 

Optional Accessories:

CSS-BB6BM backcan