Reference Conferencing Voting Unit


for conference and voting applications

The CS5 VU reference digital microphone station is the voting, delegate and chairman unit for the CS5 conference systems. In president mode, it provides a priority function and allows the user to start votes or polls.

The CS5 VU includes an integrated loudspeaker, two headphone outputs, five soft buttons, an LC display and a chip-card reader, for up to two delegates. The CS5 VU can be set to different priority modes and 1- 3- or 5-way voting/polling functions. In computer-controlled conference systems, an optional chip-card identification is available.

The CS5 VU is compatible with all premium acoustics of the AKG modular microphone series.

·       Delegate/president station with LCD display
provides two operating modes

·       5 voting buttons
for voting/polling and multiple-choice applications

·       63 selectable languages
independently selectable for two users

·       Large LED ring indicator on optional gooseneck
provides enhanced visible MIC ON/OFF indication

·       Interchangeable microphone capsules
to meet the acoustical requirements of any type of conference room

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