Reference Conferencing Interpreter Unit


for fixed and mobile applications

The CS5 IU reference digital interpreter station has been designed in accordance with the relevant international standards. The CS5 IU features an intuitive input selection, floor and relay language selectors, and cough button. 

The CS5 IU provides microphone input for gooseneck microphones and a separate input/output for headsets. AKG offers a wide choice of professional headsets such as the HSC271 and many more. The CS5 IU is also compatible with all premium acoustics of the AKG modular microphone series.

·       Interpreter station with LCD display
Intuitive, easy-to-use controls

·       Meets international interpretation equipment standards
for safe and easy operation

·       63 selectable languages
for multilingual applications

·       Inputs for headsets and gooseneck mics
for fatigue-proof working conditions for interpreters

·       Large LED ring indicator on optional gooseneck
provides enhanced visible MIC ON/OFF indication

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