Reference Conferencing Delegate Unit


for fixed and mobile conference applications

The CS5 DU reference digital microphone station is the basic delegate unit for the CS5 conference systems. It provides both an integrated loudspeaker and two headphone outputs and can be used for up to two delegates. 

A bank of dip switches allows each headphone output to be assigned independently to either the floor channel or one of three interpreted language channels. The PTT key also provides a simple aye/no voting function. 

The CS5 DU is compatible with all premium acoustics of the AKG modular microphone series.

·       Delegate station with PTT button
intuitive and easy to use

·       Aye/no poll function
for basic voting applications

·       3+1 selectable languages
for basic multilingual applications

·       Standard RG45 connectors
for quick mounting and takedown

·       Interchangeable microphone capsules
to meet the acoustical requirements of any type of conference room

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