EZ Foam Bass Trap



EZ Foam Bass Traps is designed for sound absorption at low frequencies.

These bass traps are designed to fit in 90-degree corner of a room and come in 60 centimeters height and 30 cm. depth.

The installation of these bass traps is quick and simple.

The EZ Foam Bass trap can simply rest on the floor in the corners of the room. Or it may be placed on the wall with the help of the EZ Adhesive or EZ Fastners.

These bass traps are commonly used in the broadcast and recording industries as well as home theaters.

Product technical data

Material: Acoustic Foam FR25
Product dimensions: 30 x 30 x 60 cm. 
Quantity per box: 4 pieces
Installation: EZ Adhesive 
Fire classification: M1 according to UNE 53127


Recording studio, home theater, commercial facilities, educational and multipurpose spaces.