Eight-channel Transformer

The Crown XFMR-4 and XFMR-8 are rack-mountable transformers to provide impedance matching between amplifier outputs and “constant voltage” loudspeakers. This unit allows amplifiers without direct 70Vrms or 100Vrms output capability to drive distributed speaker systems designed to operate at those voltages.


·       Transformers provide four and eight channels of impedance matching for constant voltage operation

·       Provides 70Vrms and 100Vrms output when used only with the ComTech DriveCore™ Series of amplifiers

·       Allows amplifiers without direct constant voltage capability to be easily integrated into distributed systems

·       “Jumper” cables are provided to easily incorporate the XFMR unit with a ComTech DriveCore amplifier


Output Connectors

Pluggable barrier block connectors that accept up to 14 AWG wire

Frequency Response

+/-1.0dB (at 70Hz to 15 kHz)

Insertion Loss

≤1.0 dB max (at 70VAC)

Max Input



19" x 1.72" x 15.6" (48.3cm x 4.4cm x 39.7cm)


23.6lbs (10.7kg)