Fiber Optic Media Converter

The MC-1 is a Gigabit Media Converter which provides transport up to 10 km (6.2 miles) using 1310nm single mode fiber cable. In use, an MC-1 will be utilized on each end of a two conductor single mode fiber optic cable deployed between two equipment rack locations.

The MC-1 is supplied with a wall mount bracket and external power supply.

The MC-1 utilizes automatic link restoration which re-establishes network links between two MC-1 devices should a connected Soundweb London device be disconnected and reconnected to the network. This eliminates the need to reset the MC-1 after patching or power loss of an attached Soundweb London device.

Status LEDs on the MC-1 provide indication of Power (PWR), Fiber Link RX (RXF), Fiber Link TX (LKF), Copper RX (RXC), and Copper TX (LKC).


·       Gigabit Media Conversion

·       Automatic Link Restoration

·       External 12V DC Power Supply

·       Status LEDs

·       10 km (6.2 miles) Transmission Distance Using 131Onm Single Mode Fiber Cable

·       SC Style Fiber Connector

·       RJ45 Copper Connector



SC fiber optic, Gigabit RJ45

Power Supply

Included external 12V DC, 1.5A with wall-mount bracket


Status LEDs